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Delicious Library
Developer(s)Delicious Monster
Initial releaseNovember 2004
Stable release
Operating systemMac OS X Mountain Lion and later
PlatformApple Macintosh
TypeDigital asset management

Delicious Library is a digital asset management app for Mac OS X, developed by Delicious Monster to allow the user to keep track and manage their physical collections of books, movies, CDs, and video games.

The software was initially released in November 2004, with $250,000 in sales in its first month.[1] Delicious Library 2 was released officially on May 27, 2008, although the final version was available from March 25. Delicious Library 3 is available from the Mac App Store and the developers website for Macintosh systems running OS 10.8 or higher.[2]

The software is no longer supported by the authors.


  • Enter media items in the following ways:
  • Integration with Mac OS X's Address Book application to allow "lending management"
  • Voice Search
  • iPod syncing
  • Spotlight compatibility
  • Mini Bookshelf Dashboard widget
  • Printouts of specific shelves or entire libraries
  • Custom Collections allow the user to create their own "shelves" to organize their media.

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Mobile apps[edit]

The only Delicious Library app was withdrawn from the iOS App Store in July 2009. Amazon had asked for the app to be removed due to violation of the Amazon API terms and conditions section 4e "(e) You will not, without our express prior written approval requested via this link, use any Product Advertising Content on or in connection with any site or application designed or intended for use with a mobile phone or other handheld device."[3] NB: The terms and conditions have since been updated.[4]


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